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From the editor:
I do not speak English.
I present the story in English as an experience. The translation was done with the help of the Guugle translator.
Please comment on the experiment


It was a long time ago. I was 13 or 14. I was traveling in the Moscow metro after training very tired, sat down and shrank ... I looked at the floor.
A man sat next to me, he was drunk. I felt his gaze on me.
"What do you want ??!" - It sounded in my head.
And suddenly ! he somehow kindly began to speak:
- You will be a very beautiful and desirable woman if you remember one rule: Always, even! when you think that you are alone and no one sees you, remember that right at this moment you can be seen by the man of your dreams, even in this carriage, and the first thing that he will see is your extinguished look, anger in your eyes, folds of discontent your lips. When you see him, you will straighten your shoulders, a spark will appear in your eyes, but it will be too late. He will pass by because the first thing he saw was a tired and boring old woman. "
I remembered these words all my life, and suddenly now someone who I want to admire sees me, it does not matter whether it is a man or a woman or a future employer or just a passer-by ... And it’s good that I remembered.
In fact, it was so. I met my husband as I was elegantly pushing my suitcases at the airport. Toe high-heeled shoes. Now one, then another. Smiling at this absurd situation (all the carts were dismantled) And I am all so beautiful and forced to kick my luggage. This sight made him fall in love with me for all the years that we have been together .. for more than 20 years. He then met a friend at the airport and looked through the glass at the arrivals.
Women ! Remember, even when you shave your legs in the bathroom, you can be watched by a "hidden camera".
Elena Platonova

Переслал: Inna Konovalova Canada
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Идея плохая ибо переводчик-автомат хорош для выяснения информации,изложенной в тексте.Для художественного перевода он неприменим.Так мне кажется...

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