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Emirates Airlines A380 First Class-Bangkok to Hong Kong Видео

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Загружено 04 июня 2011 г.
Read about the bad side of Emirates. I have soured on them since making this video was gained invaluable free publicity for them. PLEASE READ ON


A guy in PR at Emirates was so grateful for my video which has received well over 2 million hits and free advertising for Emirates, he offered me a special upgrade on Emirates. That seemed like a generous offer, however when the time came to follow though he evaporated. Didn't return calls or respond to my emails.

I have the full email trail which I am sorely tempted to publish. The guy is totally unprofessional and has soured me on Emirates. After giving them so much free publicity, wouldn't you expect them to do a nice favor for me? An expensive ad campaign wouldn't get them as much goodwill as my video.


Now..details about my video...
On April 30, 2011 I treated myself to a First Class Suite on Emirates Airlines A380 Super Jumbo from Bangkok to Hong Kong. I don't normally fly First Class, so this was a special experience. The cost for the short 3 hour one-way flight from BKK-HKG in April 2011: $550 USD. The reverse one-way flight from HKG-BKK is higher due to airport taxes. Of course a longer first class flight would be much more expensive. This BKK-HKG segment is a stopover in Bangkok on Emirates flight EK 384 from Dubai to Hong Kong.

Переслал: Барам Марк
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